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  • December1st


    Many believe the process and production of an event to be simple steps. Concept – the development of ideas and themes; Draft – the details and outline of the event; and Production – the execution by the design team and vendors the day of and ‘poof’, AMAZING. I will concede that yes, some events may follow that path. However, most if not the majority don’t. In fact, the majority have the predictability of an earthquake, which is what makes the design production world not a good fit for everyone. As a company responsible for producing the A to Z of an event, we have to be willing to revisit a step several times if that’s what it takes to deliver “AMAZING”.

    Revisiting the concept stage for an upcoming event leads me to write today. Dolce has had the pleasure of working closely with a fellow event producer over the last 2 months to create a $1 million dollar +, four day event for a large corporate employee appreciation/retreat. The event will be held in none other than LA! Imagine how many ideas were initially discussed amongst the group?!?! Yes, if you are wondering, I already can’t remember them all!! In June the theme was agreed upon by all parties and we moved into the Draft phase of the event design. Sketches, style sheets, sourcing, pricing, more phone calls than any of us can count…..and then, we received a call saying, “…we may be heading in another direction with the theme…”.

    Thankfully this is a road we know, have experienced, and have the knowledge and hindsight to see through. Experience and patience, not just  creativity and artistic where-with-all, are essential for this business. I often have said to myself, “to successfully survive I must be a chameleon and flexible”. I am more than grateful for the corporate business experience I gained that allows flexible thinking around how business decisions are made and/or changed.

    I am glad we are back at the concept stage because sometimes taking a step back gives you better footing to hit a grand slam verses a double! :) The new idea, LOVE IT – AMAZING! I promise to post photos of the completed production and close the loop of AMAZING in the upcoming months ahead!

  • November20th

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    It’s a special venue that can make an ordinary event the talk of the company, family and/or friends for years. Truly jaw dropping beauty, vines woven meticulously as far as the eye can reach, where some tasting rooms have now been transformed to full fledged event spaces built to feel as though you time traveled into a European Castle, not still here in the States.

    Dolce has had the privilege of producing beautiful events at several vineyards and looks forward to more!

    Today however, I must write about a recent experience that stands out above the others. Recently, while away for an event, I had the pleasure of taking a private tour of a boutique estate winery in the Pacific Northwest. Beacon Hill Estate,, has got it figured out! Originally named Beacon Hill Vineyard for a lighthouse-like structure at the top of the hill, here’s a quick picture to set the mood.

    Dolce Designs Studio - Beacon Hill Winery - Wineries Wow!!!

    The owners, Razvan and Felicia, immigrants from Romania with 300+ years of vineyard experience in their family line, personally provided a step-by-step tour of the winery and the changes they have made and are making since purchasing the Estate in 2005. The passion and vision for the Castle tasting room and event space, drawn with precise detail by Razvan himself and now almost completed, is nothing but spectacular. I am honored to have spent an entire afternoon with him discussing all the possibilities for events and the opportunities for Dolce and Beacon to work together. The ideas have continued to flow through my head since I drove away over 24 hours ago! I can’t wait to attend the upcoming “Grand Opening” to launch the new tasting room and event space, the Beacon Hill Castle.

    I look forward to working with Razvan and his staff to create phenomenal memories for years to come. Brides can be assured that picking this venue (with Dolce Designs as the event producers of course) will be a European experience with all the conveniences and expertise of “home”! And for our corporate clients, I can’t speak to the peace and quiet enough, so quiet that it’s difficult to believe the city really is less than a hour away! The inhale of sweet scents throughout the property carry the stress away with each exhale, creating a perfect environment for free thinking, and, since the Castle is new, the technology is too! Beacon Hill Estate  is available for day/evening events, full weekend events or intimate private parties. If you are seeking to set yourself apart, THIS is the place to do it!