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    At it’s best, a studio should be full of simple pleasures and delightful surprises!  For me, one of the joys of this new partnership is it contains the work of so many talented individuals.  The creative and magnificent collaborations that are accomplished when we get to bring our fantasies and wild dreams into reality bring endless inspiration.

    A few months ago while Christina and I were at an industry mixer we spotted a charming duo, Lisa and Berto of Peardon Carrillo Photography, we quickly introduced ourselves as we recognized the fire in their eyes from across the room!  We shared a few laughs, learned about each others passions and decided to collaborate on a creative project.

    Lisa’s vast experience within the fashion magazine world and runways in Paris partnered with Berto’s background in fashion in LA & NY, combined with my decor styling and Christina’s love of flowers, had the perfect fit of an old wooden puzzle, a stunning throwback vintage lingerie retrospective.  Each of us meticulously combed through our contacts and found Consuelo and Marissa, the proud owners of a unique boutique in Manhattan Beach, Ava+Aliria,

    After discovering their fined tuned eye and amazing inventory of vintage pieces ranging from Oscar de la Renta metallic gold mesh camisoles, exquisite emerald jewelry and more retro gowns to gorgeous silk lingerie at a private showing event, we knew they were the ones. Their incredible stock comes from their beloved region of the globe, Buenos Aires, where most of the sultry lingerie has made it’s way to the US from, they also dot their store with unique cutting edge designers.   There are so many great finds curated from their numerous trips that are always at the front of the next trend. Ava + Aliria’s passionate partners have a great sense of style and a mature, polished eye for hidden jewels.

    This project had a special element.  As the three companies united, we realized how strong the partners in each of our respective businesses were; the true definition of a yin and yang partnership.  Accident? I think not.  Partnerships are a great way to collaborate, balance, and, as the old saying goes, “Two heads are always better than one”!  Applying the partnerships times 3, then joining as one large force created a mythical outcome!

    On a beautiful California summer morning, we arrived at Ava + Aliria’s for the collaboration project.  The store was our blank canvas with wonderful wall paper as the perfect background. Our team of talented floral designers applied their brilliant green thumbs to the studio; vintage chairs, rugs and architectural elements were arranged to enhance the space. Shooting  lingerie in Manhattan Beach during this warm season was like being in heaven!

    Snapping vintage pieces may seem easy, but it isn’t!  There are many factors that need to be considered. Lighting is one of the most important facets after styling, hair and make up and the collaboration of the models.  While Consuelo, Marissa and I styled the bombshells in vintage lingerie, corsets and jewelry,  our talented team begin our journey into a  thirties, forties and fifties retrospective using hair and make up to represent each period. The most fun was turning the young models into characters by giving them a role to play.  The vivacious energy brought from Berto and Lisa behind their cameras allowed us to take the models to new levels which was truly wonderful!

    It was inspiring to work with so many interesting and accomplished people for this photo shoot!  “A Magnificent Partnership Contribution” indeed.

    Here is one of the images from our shoot.  Pretty, right?

    Dolce Designs Studio - Vintage Lingerie Photo Shoot

    You can view the rest of our favorite selects by visiting our Portfolio gallery.  And once again here is a link to Ava + Aliria’s in Manhattan Beach:  Located at 912 B Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90226  424.206.1884. And last but never least, Peardon Carrillo Photography: