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  • December23rd

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    A couple of weeks ago Dolce Designs Studio opened up the doors to our new studio space on Melrose Ave, and threw an opening reception for all of our former clients, colleagues and friends.  The event itself was beautiful and the turnout – just what we had hoped for.  It was a huge success!

    Upon arrival, our guests were greeted by our staff before passing through a threshold of fresh green Christmas trees into a courtyard that we had tented off, filled with warmth, tasty libations, live music, and sweets provided by one of our favorite bakeries in Los Angeles; Cup Cakes Couture.

    From the courtyard our guests were able to see our studio itself.  Get a drink.  And take in the environment for a while as they admired the setting we created through the huge store-front window of our studio.

    Inside, the ceiling was covered with snow flocked curly willow branches covered with moss accented with recycled doors and windows that we hung as elements.  Which complimented the table that we refinished and adorned with a wide range of live plants and cut flowers.  A California Winter Wonderland collection of fresh orchids, Narcissus, Hydrangea, Parrot Tulips, Garden Roses, Mood Moss, Deer Moss, Monkey’s Tail, and Hyacinths – among others.

    It was gorgeous.

    With New Years on the way and the busiest time for brides and grooms to be right around the corner it was a very special evening for us.  A significant moment of recognition and appreciation for the work that has gone into becoming the full service event production studio that we have become and the amazing response that has come of it.

    When big things are happening it is way too easy to get caught up in them, as great as they are and not take a moment to step away, breathe, take in the scenery and appreciate the moment.  This is something that we tell all of our brides and grooms to do on their wedding day.  Walk a ways off, grab a bit of bubbly, and marvel at the loved ones around you and the moment.

    So, in the spirit of this and the upcoming days we wish you Happy Holidays and the best into and through the new year.  And if you need some support for any of your celebrations.  Now or in the future.  We’ll leave the porch light on for you, friends.

    Images from the Opening Reception:

    Dolce Designs Studio - Full Service Event Production, Los Angeles

  • December9th

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    As a full service event production studio, our work takes us on the road quite a bit but when the day is done and it’s time to kick up our feet and catch our breath, Los Angeles is where we do it.  Home sweet home.

    A while back we realized that our team of talented individuals would greatly benefit from finding a prime location to set up shop, pow-wow, and meet with clients.  A fun, creative space.  Centrally located in a cute environment with great businesses next to us.  Perhaps, with a bunch of great shops and places to eat right outside our door.  A designer has got to eat.  Sometimes, in the excitement of production we forget to do that and yes, we are indeed human.  And human’s need fuel.  How great would it be to walk out the door to handle it quick?  Low blood sugar is not good for anyone.  Roar.

    Less than a month ago Zaid and I were feeding the beast in both of us at the Urth Cafe in West Hollywood and saw a ‘for lease’ sign right across the street and decided to check it out.  We finished our food and walked across the street to discover what turned out to be a charming courtyard alive with businesses set up in individual bungalows – wow!  We ran down our list of wishes and realized that we had found our new home.

    We made a call.  We ran the numbers.  The lease was signed and the keys were placed in our hands. lickety split.  We knew it would be a lot of work but Zaid and I knew that an occasion like this most definitely deserved a party to celebrate it so we rolled up our sleeves and got to the business of setting up shop and have been working like a bunch of maniacs to get our new location ready.

    Ladies and gents, it’s ready.  The end result is beautiful.  And we would love for you to stop by to enjoy the new space and see what we’ve done.

    Tonight, (Thursday, December 9th) we’re having an opening reception.  If you would like to attend, please send us an RSVP at

    The reception begins at 5pm and goes until 10pm.  Our address is:  8568 1/2 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA.  You can get directions here.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Zaid likes decaf lattes with almond milk.  In case you were wondering.  Just saying.