Dolce Designs Studio

Corporate Functions

Dolce understands that every client’s needs are different and explores all angles in concept development with our clients.  Once concept is selected, we don’t settle on the basics, we find unique and individual elements to create an event that will be talked about by employees and clients well beyond the event date.

Dolce’s corporate event planning and production surprises and engages your audience.  We work on a 3 phase philsophy: Concept, Development, and Amazing Delivery!!

Dolce sets itself apart from large corporate event planning companies by offering one stop planning and production, billing that makes sense and is clearly defined and most importantly, the personal touch.  We answer our phones, emails, text messages and respond to voicemails.

We take the time to listen to your goals, we help you define your target market and we flawlessly deliver your message.

Dolce acts as a strategic production partner delivering everything from stage design and audio-visuals, to message development, talent booking and much more.