Dolce Designs Studio


We love weddings and love making them amazing experiences for our clients. Prior to becoming the full service floral and decor design studio that we are now, Christina’s company, Dolce Flower Designs, specialized in sending the future bride off into a life of happy matrimony surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements and meaningful details created and tailored to fulfill the bride’s ultimate wedding day dreams.

Christina is thrilled to be able to offer Dolce’s services as floral & overall decor designers with all the combined experience and resources that go along with having formed the Dolce Designs Studio team. Yes, there are essentials that every couple needs to ensure a flawless wedding day and we understand those details. We have the team, resources and experience to know exactly what those essentials are and they are included in every service we provide. We understand that one size does not fit all and we will not make promises that we can not keep. Dolce provides the same level of service for large scale production to intimate affair, if there is a solution to be had, we will find it.

Step One: Face to Face Meeting

The first meeting is where we sit down and get to know you, your personality, style, design ideas, and details of your wedding plans thus far.

The process should be fun and we believe that complete and total confidence in who you choose as your floral & decor designer is probably the most important decision you are going to have to make.

Step Two: Styling and Proposal

So, the meeting with us was great and you want to work with us. Now, it’s our turn to put together a proposal, style and concept sheets based on your individual needs, wishes, and resources. Our pricing includes everything we discussed in our meeting – with a range and options provided when the wish list doesn’t match the budget! This allows the flexibility for you, our client, to see where your style can still be maintained and your overall needs for decor still fulfilled.

Step Three: The Contract and Production

The plan we came up was brilliant. Now it’s time to bring the dream into focus with agreeing on what stays in the proposal and signing our contract. The contract is simple, we develop and tweak the concepts with you until its right for the services we provide – i.e. florals, fabric treatments, custom linens and furniture, basically anything that can be made or sourced (globally) and then it states that we deliver exactly what you signed for. After the contract is signed we continue bringing the dream into focus by having regular production meetings where we meet with our team and resources who add and provide the finishing touches to your perfect day!!

It is very important for you to understand that we pride ourselves on never leaving anybody with a case of sticker shock. We will not send you an invoice three months into your nesting period to ruin your day. We refuse to allow that to happen. And the only way to do that is to keep the lines of communication open and the dialogue honest, open, and clear.

While it can be challenging at times this part of the process is filled with exciting decisions, conversations, eating food, visiting locations, meeting new personalities, meshing together families, and other fun stuff – like making more decisions!

Step Four: The Big Day.

It’s going to be fabulous, breathtaking for all!!! Your only responsibility is to relax, be present, be around the people you love and most importantly, enjoy it. We take care of all the pretty little details – we ensure the flowers are perfect, the fabric is flawless, the look is perfect – we make it beautiful and unforgettable for you!

We look forward to meeting you.