Dolce Designs Studio

The Story Behind the Dolce Designs Studio

Dolce was formed out of a desire to offer top level, full service decor and design to the public in an intimate and creative environment. The Dolce team’s eye for unique and one-of-a-kind distributors & resources has made them a go-to by many of today’s top planners. Their ability to source globally or travel and source on the fly has been incredibly valuable for the client seeking individual expression and touches. Dolce’s fabrication and production know how is amazing – whether it’s for draping, a custom bar, a replica of a Moroccan rug as a backdrop or the hotel chandelier the client wants covered – they get it done and done beautifully, often times where the client purchases the pieces outright to use within their homes and/or businesses.

Dolce Designs Studio is built upon the precept that the business itself is just a way to put into practice the creative energy and individual passions of life. The standard of work produced by Dolce is one where the bar is being raised and the team strives to creatively challenge each other to take it to the next level. Together, Dolce’s team of designers are able to offer a wide range of services in an environment of hand picked, passionate, creatively driven and true professionals whose dedication to their vision and commitment to create unforgettable events and design for their clients is seen on a daily basis.

Christina Whittle:

Dolce Designs Studio Visioneer - Christina WhittleChristina began her journey in the event industry twenty years ago while working for a boutique florist. Her close interaction with expert designers assisted in realizing (a little later in life) that design would somehow be a path she had to pursue. After graduating college Christina went on to work for a few corporate Marketing & Sales jobs where she gained great experience in small to large trade show production, creating and executing local to national sales and marketing campaigns & running a multi-million dollar sales unit. She drew from all the experiences and sought out to make a change – to have creative freedom, and this is when Dolce was formed. Dolce allows Christina a place where she takes the experiences of her childhood where she was raised in the Pacific Northwest and applies them into the designs of her clients.


Her ability to use plants, trees – nature’s natural beauty within her work gives her an opportunity to share her home with her clients. It’s her love of the Pacific NW that has also given her a keen eye for transforming spaces. Christina’s eye of using a spaces natural features and accenting it where needed has won her many praises from clients.

Christina’s friendly approach and passion for flowers (and all things beautiful) allowed her to establish Dolce quickly within the LA area as a go-to design studio. Dolce began as a floral design company that specialized in weddings and corporate functions, however, through time it diversified into other facets of decor. Christina and the Dolce team wanted to share their passion for design and now often create other elements of event décor for their clients. Dolce Designs Studio has now grown to be recognized as a leader in creativity, fresh perspectives and a valuable team player where they thrive on creating and delivering – floral, draping, custom facade fabrication, props or furniture…give them an idea and then sit back and enjoy watching the idea come to life!